Track Fire Mitigation Efforts and Costs

Post date: Aug 31, 2013 10:1:36 PM

A form for tracking landowner’s matching hours for cost share grants, is attached. It is not required for Firewise community hours, but may be convenient for you to use it. Firewise usually only asks for the total number of hours and does not require that you submit documentation.

The Firewise Community Committee Chair requests all WWV persons keep a record of time and resources spent on any fire mitigation actions taken on their properties. This information includes who performed what tasks, how much time spent on the tasks (i.e., cleaning gutters, removal of ladder fuels, removing slash, chainsawing, etc.), equipment expenditures (i.e. purchase of chainsaws, sharpening of saws etc.). This information can be used for your personal state income taxes (see email regarding Wildfire Mitigation Tax subtraction) as well as for the pursuit of Firewise grant monies for our HOA.

If you are interested in being a part of the FireWise committee or wish to discuss the keeping of records further, please contact Jim Painter at