PO Box 88025; Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Wildwood Village, a rural subdivision in a quiet, scenic section 
of the Black Forest, consists of 195 lots and offers a perfect combination for Colorado living.  The area is comprised of 
5-acre lots with a variety of landscaping from heavily treed lots 
to grasslands and open plains, and includes two parks with a 
pond and walking trail. The Village attracts residents with an equestrian lifestyle, as well as those simply seeking the beauty 
and serenity offered by the towering Ponderosa pines.



"To the Wildwood Village HOA, please find the proposed 2017 Operating Budget proposal and the 2017 Reserve Fund Proposal.  The Operating Budget is based on two primary sources of data: previous budgets and the expected receipt of $8775 in annual dues. This amount is fully budgeted in the 2017 Operating Budget, with a significant portion allotted for planned playground/park equipment improvements.
The Reserve Fund proposal, per applicable Colorado statutes, is to be placed in a reliable investment account (WWV HOA uses a Savings Account), and budgeted for appropriate reserve contingencies (e.g., future capital improvements or repair, insurance deductibles, and/or unforeseen legal requirements). Our Treasurer, Allan Wright, is available to discuss any line item in either proposal. His phone # is 703-270-8022 (mobile), or you can write to him at WWV HOA, PO Box  88025, Colorado Springs, CO, 80908, or finally, his email is treasurer@wildwoodvillage.net.  We will leave the budget proposals in a 'conditionally approved' status until the end of February, and if no substantive change recommendations are made before then, the 2017 budget will be final."



Animal Sitter

 Local Wildwood Village Resident

 15 year old homeschooler, so flexible hours

 Call Nathan at (703) 727-2963