PO Box 88025; Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Wildwood Village, a rural subdivision in a quiet, scenic section 
of the Black Forest, consists of 195 lots and offers a perfect combination for Colorado living.  The area is comprised of 
5-acre lots with a variety of landscaping from heavily treed lots 
to grasslands and open plains, and includes two parks with a 
pond and walking trail. The Village attracts residents with an equestrian lifestyle, as well as those simply seeking the beauty 
and serenity offered by the towering Ponderosa pines.


Lost Puppy

The white and brown puppy is female, has no tags, small bow on the collar, weighs about 10 pounds or less, very pointed ears,  and we have no clue as to its breed.

 If you are the owner, or you have any information about this very cute puppy, please contact Joe Morgan of the Lost Pet Network.

Your neighbor,

Joe Morgan

15605 Herring Road

Wildwood Village

Phone 495-4335

Email jbmorgan@q.com