PO Box 88025; Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Wildwood Village, a rural subdivision in a quiet, scenic section 
of the Black Forest, consists of 195 lots and offers a perfect combination for Colorado living.  The area is comprised of 
5-acre lots with a variety of landscaping from heavily treed lots 
to grasslands and open plains, and includes two parks with a 
pond and walking trail. The Village attracts residents with an equestrian lifestyle, as well as those simply seeking the beauty 
and serenity offered by the towering Ponderosa pines.



The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has provided a grant which can be utilized by Black Forest residents interested in fire mitigation on their properties.  This grant is administered by Black Forest Together and has very specific requirements in order to take advantage of the program. 

Black Forest Together suggested that all applicants come through one point of contact to sign up for the DNR mitigation program.  Any interested Wildwood Village homeowners are asked to contact Sarah Pelton at Redzranch@gmail.comwho will be compiling and submitting a list of those interested in participating.  

Please see Sidebar Navigation link "Firewise Information" for additional information and documentation.