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PO Box 88025; Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Wildwood Village, a rural subdivision in a quiet, scenic section 
of the Black Forest, consists of 195 lots and offers a perfect combination for Colorado living.  The area is comprised of 
5-acre lots with a variety of landscaping from heavily treed lots 
to grasslands and open plains, and includes two parks with a 
pond and walking trail. The Village attracts residents with an equestrian lifestyle, as well as those simply seeking the beauty 
and serenity offered by the towering Ponderosa pines.

Articles of Interest

  • Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) – Positive Diagnosis in Horses in Weld County FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 18, 2014 Media Contact:    Christi Lightcap, (303) 869-9005, Veterinarian & Livestock Owner Contact:  State Veterinarian’s Office, (303) 869-9130   Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) – Positive Diagnosis in Horses in Weld County Guidelines for Livestock Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions, and Events LAKEWOOD, Colo. –Colorado has become the second state in the country to have a confirmed case of vesicular stomatitis (VS). Four horses on two Weld County premises tested positive for the disease and have been placed under quarantine. The horses involved in these index cases have no history of travel.  On July 17th, the National Veterinary Services Laboratory reported a positive test on samples submitted from four horses in Weld County. The ...
    Posted by David Thorne
  • Friends of the Black Forest Preservation Plan Inc. - Public Meeting Friends of the Black Forest Preservation Plan Inc. public meeting , Thursday, July 17, 2014, 6pm, at the Black Forest Community Center The meeting is to discuss the Minibelly greenhouse zoning variance that was approved by the EPCC in March of this year allowing a 60,000 sq. ft. commercial greenhouse (they will be selling produce to Whole Foods) to be built in a pristine rural residential area (zoned RR5) in the Black Forest. The zoning variance was denied at the first EPCC meeting because it is against the guidelines of the Black Forest Preservation Plan. The Plan does not allow any commercial businesses outside the designated commercial corridor in the Forest. The BFPP was disregarded at the second hearing for ...
    Posted Jul 16, 2014, 1:15 PM by David Thorne
  • Friends of the Black Forest Preservation Plan An informational meeting will be held at the BF Community Center on July 17, 2014 @ 6:00 p.m. for supportive, concerned residents to explain how this non-profit is going to defend the Black Forest Preservation Plan and help guide future land use decisions in the Black Forest.In the aftermath of the devastating Black Forest fire, residents of the Black Forest have concerns about how the forest will be rebuilt and how its unique environment will be preserved. A ruling for a special use commercial greenhouse 60,000 square feet was approved in April by the El Paso County Commissioners. (3-2)The Black Forest Preservation Plan, developed in 1987, was disregarded during this land use decision. The ...
    Posted Jul 14, 2014, 8:35 AM by David Thorne
  • NEW WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR Much thanks from yours truly, and the BOD, to Dave Thorne for stepping up to take over the WWV Website administration. Most folks do not realize the time and effort involved in maintaining a website, to keep all posts and information current and accurate.  Dave has experience with computers and is a perfect candidate for me to transition the site administration to.  If you know or meet Dave, please thank him for volunteering to take this on so we can continue the website. 
    Posted May 16, 2014, 11:13 PM by Sharon Younie
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BOD and General Meeting dates for the next 2 years will be posted to the website calendar and listed below. Dates are subject to change so always check the website for the most current schedule. All BOD meetings are open to WWV owners and will be held at the Black Forest Fire Station #1 on Teachout Road off Burgess Road, unless otherwise indicated.

BOD Meetings:   TBD
General Membership Meetings:  TBD
Picnic:   TBD



NEW POLICIES have been implemented and are posted in the Document Library. Members should read and be familiar with all policies of the HOA.  Newest: Covenants Compliance Policy and Procedures and Election Voting-Meeting Procedures.


BF Slash/Mulch center opened Saturday May 3, 2014. This year there will be a charge of $2 per load for slash to subsidize the cost of the mulching equipment, or a discount ticket can be purchased. 

Black Forest FIRE Information

El  Paso County Public Services contractors began removing FEMA-funded Hazard Trees in Black Forest o/a Feb 28, 2014.  As of this date there have been issues with abuses of the standards the contractors are using to identify and remove trees.  Landowners who have property along county roads with burned (blackened or scorched) trees are advised to monitor which trees are being marked with red dots for more.  
 FIRE DANGER:  NO FIRE RESTRICTIONS are currently in effect for the unincorporated areas of El Paso County. Check out FIREWISE program....  Request a free fire mitigation assessment for your property. Access new resources on the BF Fire Dept website like fire preparation for horsesmitigation tax breaks, fire-resistant landscaping, and more. Also visit the Emergency Information page.

BLACK FOREST TOGETHER:  Recover-Rebuild-Restore
Keep up to date on efforts and events at  

WWV Firewise Community Committee (FCC) The FCC will coordinate fire mitigation efforts, apply for grant money for mitigation costs reimbursement, share lessons learned, develop emergency plans, and much more to enhance the safety of our community.  Contact committee Chair, Jim Painter at  to volunteer.


WILD THINGS !  It is not uncommon for mountain lions, bears, fox and other wild animals to move through our community. Consider keeping pets and small animals indoors at night and be vigilant while out walking, especially in the dark.  MULTIPLE BEAR SIGHTINGS! There is a definite increase of bears in WWV, particularly the treed northeast area.  Take precautions. Get tips here.

CRIME CONTROL: Residents are cautioned to remain vigilant in securing your property, and to report any suspicious activity or vehicles to EPC Sheriff'sOffice at 719-390-5555.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM - See NWP Webpage for valuable info on safeguarding and securing your property and our community. VOLUNTEER as WWV NWP coordinator or committee member; contact a BOD member today!

PARKS:  WWV parks are sprayed each summer for noxious weeds, including the aggressive "yellow toad flax", controlled only with a specific chemical applied by a licensed agent.  Warning signs are posted when the parks are sprayed so residents can avoid the area for a short time. Spraying is safe after chemicals have dried. For more information visit the Colorado State University Extension service website

MISTLETOE MANAGEMENT- Several lots in WWV have been identified with mistletoe parasitic infection, which spreads and ultimately destroys infected trees. Spring is a great time to inspect trees. Pruning or removing infected trees is the best management measure. Read article on Mistletoe Management and take action to protect yours and your neighbors' properties.